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Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven

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Ich denke wohl bald im Dominion!

MiG Ayesa, who has just taken part in the workshops for the new Queen Musical, has updated his Diary with more details here:

15 April 2014

I am still buzzing about what I experienced the last couple of weeks.

I can say now that it was a workshop for a new QUEEN musical, written by Ben Elton, called THE SHOW MUST GO ON. It is the sequel to WE WILL ROCK YOU, and although I cannot say any more about it, I can say that it is a BRILLIANT show, that surprised everyone who came to see our presentation.

I had the honour to work with legends such as Brian May and Ben Elton in such a creative and explosive exploration into making this new work leap off the page and onto the stage. I was so thrilled to be working again with the incredibly talented Hannah Jane Fox, and the awesome Rachel John and Brenda Edwards, as well as a company of brilliant young performers, some of whom I had worked with before, and new ones that I had just met. Under the baton of the genius of Stuart Morley, and with a kick -arse band, and with fresh choreography from the dynamite Giorgia Barberi, it was just joy from day one.

I am hoping this show will see the light of day. It so deserves a chance to be seen, and heard and loved. Roger Taylor, Jennifer Saunders, Emma Thompson, Steven Berkoff and Arlene Phillips all agree with me.


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Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven

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Aha - dann hat WWRY dem Sequel Platz gemacht??
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